About Joli Beau

Whilst the shop space was tucked away in an antique emporium during a difficult financial time, the shop still managed to sparkle like its many beautiful products. The combination of Nicole’s strong vision, hard work and excellent pricing policy gave the shop a great platform for success. Furthermore Nicole’s unbeatable customer service and the friendly atmosphere which surrounded the shop meant that through simply “word of mouth” the shop began to take off.

In October 2012 Nicole made the bold decision to move her shop into a new high street location (next to the Post Office) and now happily continues to develop the success of her shop on this new site. From Nicole’s many years of hard work it is safe to say that she has acquired not only returning customers but also friends within the community that come to the shop time and time again and always leave with something beautiful and tailored to their need.  

The shop offers an incredible and unique range of products that are newly crafted in silver, gold and gemstones. The collections of jewellery have also been designed by both UK an international designers. In addition there is also a flourish of Antique and vintage jewellery that runs throughout the shop that is accompanied by objects d’art and a variety of interesting new and old oddments.

So please do have a browse of our products online and feel free to come have a look in the shop so that you may fully enjoy the complete Joli Beau experience.

À bientôt